There are plainty of great newsletters and applications out there which allow you to get the essential news of the day. Let's go through this short recommendation list. I didn't rank anything by preference, but rather in the order I receive them on a daily basis.

Morning News

  • The Economist's Espresso (Android, iOS): That's a great app, and typically gives you 5 (very) short articles about news in the world (policitcs, economics, etc.), plus a snapshot with shorter still pieces of information. It's efficient, and you'll receive the morning update in the morning (6:30am)
  • The Market Mogul's Daily Breakfast Briefing: Good timing with this app, which gets to your inbox approximately at 7:30am. Well, hopefully you haven't started your day yet. As for me, it's a perfect additional shot of information that I get when commuting in the morning. It mainly covers economics, and also highlights some good articles published on the website

Midday News

As a European, I have an easy way to get informed during lunch break: the US's morning news. Here are my favorites:

  • CFA Institute's Financial Newsbrief: The first of the midday news trio. It covers a wide range of news, focused on stock-related information and economics news. (12:15am)
  • Bloomberg's Forward Guidance: Bloomberg tells us 5 things we should know about to start the day. Or the afternoon. The myriad of links in this newsletter is very much appreciated (1pm)
  • Seeking Alpha's Wall Street Breakfast: This is a state of the Art daily newsletter, which covers finance and macroeconomics topics, as well as firm's specific news. It is targeted at investors, so the information there is straight forward, and structured so it can easily translate in portfolio management/strategic decisions. (1:15pm)


  • Matt Levine's Money Stuff: Matt Levine is an experienced financer. The tone in his brief is decontracted, the focuses are original and different from the previous newsletters. In addition, Matt Levine provides plenty of external links for those who want to know more about the topics he deals with. (3pm)

Specialized News

You may also want, in addition to the above, have some news focused on particular topics. Here are my favorites:

  • PE Hub's Wire: One of the best newsletter out there about Private Equity, Venture Capital, IPO and M&A. The editorial gives the big picture of what's hot in the sector, while the long and exhaustive list of deals allow the reader to dive in more deeply with ease. (1pm)
  • Pitchbook's PE & VC Combined Newsletter: Also focused on PE and VC, this newsletter is issued by a large service provider of the sector. The visuals are terrific - just scroll through this newsletter to immerse yourself in the state of the sector. (4pm)

If you manage to have a look at half this stuff every day, you'll end up being quite up to date about any significant event in the finance world.